Here are a selection of codes for you to choose from. Please link back to: <a href=""> and please download your chosen image and then upload them to your own server. Don't direct-link ... Or I may have to set Darryl Van Horne on you *cackles*

50 x 50:

code code

31 x 88:
code code

75 x 50:
code code

100 x 35:
code code

100 x 50:
code code code

200 x 40:
Donated by Liza ~ Donated by Lisa

Or you could always use this code <a href=""> I <font face=symbol>� </font> to Dance with the Devil </a> to create: " I to Dance with the Devil ". Of course, you can replace 'Dance with the Devil' with whatever you love most about 'The Witches of Eastwick'.

Any code donations are gratefully received, so if you're graphically inclined and would like to see your code on other people's websites please send it to me via the Enamoured Contact Form with a link to where I can download it. Thanks.